Selected Books that reference Grossberger Morales' work

Demystifying Multimedia: A Guide to the World of Multimedia from Apple Computer, inc. Random House/New Media Series, New York, 1994


Prueitt, Melvin, Art and the Computer, McGraw Hill, 1986


Flanagan, Mary Digital media revisited: theoretical and conceptual innovation in digital domain, MIT Press, 2003

Selected Articles that reference Grossberger Morales' work

Markoff, John, “Artist develops sofware for painting on Apple”, InfoWorld (April 5, 1982)


Gruber, Stephen C. “Computer-aided art: She’s drawing on the electronic side of her brain” San Jose Mercury, San Jose, California(March 8, 1982)


Wagner, Patrice, “Computer Graphics; Painting with Light” Artist’s Magazine (September 1984)


Schwartz, Roberta, Callery, Michael “Speaking of Graphics Gallery: PostModern David” A+Magazine (September 1988)


Waltz, Mitzi “Artist’s dreams leap to life on Computer” MacWeek (November 22, 1988)


Tanner, Marcia, “Across Chasms: Connections in Chicano and Latino Art at the Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens” Artweek, California (August 18, 1992)


Thym, Jolene, “Memorials to Life: Mexico’s Day of the Dead comes alive at the Oakland Museum” Oakland Tribune, California (Sunday, October 29, 1995)


Soe, Valerie “Computer Girls” Afterimage (March/April 1996)

Willis, Holly, “Cyberwomen: Feminist Stragtegies in Multimedia” ArtWeek, California ( February 1997)


Sangre Boliviana (LEONARDO 28:4, 1995, p. 246-247)


Rojas, Jackeline, Un viaje sin final al interior de una “caja” La computadora y el arte de Lucia Grossberger, Los Tiempos, Cochabamba, Bolivia (February 8, 2009)


Balderama, Alba, Technopoesia con Lucia Grossberger Morales, Ramona, La Opionion, Cochabamba, Bolivia (February 8, 2009)