Pandemic Shapes

During the Pandemic, painting has been a refuge, a meditation, a place of hope, and order. During these times, my conscious mind is trying to find balance, not panic, keep busy, and not get caught up in the horror of these times. My dreams inform me of the fear, anger. In one dream, there is a large metal drum around my body, and only my head and feet are outside the barrel. I am angry, but the leader says this is for protection, a considerable sacrifice. In another dream, my head is separated from my body. I am pissed. In Zoom, I often feel disembodied.


My paintings soothe the dream images with visions of symbolic shapes that ease my conscious mind struggling to find tranquility.


According to the literature on the meanings of symbols, the circle represents totality, wholeness. It is essential for me that a circle can represent the formation of nomadic tents and encampments, symbolizing the dynamic and endlessly moving.


I painted several paintings of Spirals moving up, not down. I never consider they were spiraling up. The hope was of creativity blossoming. My hope needed creativity to survive.


Squares became an essential part of my artist vocabulary about twenty years ago. I did not need squares; they represented static, something I wanted to avoid. At that time, I began to appreciate that squares mean stability, the sedentary, the square grids of many cities, and land plots. Squares appear when I am seeking stability. These are times when we have few answers to the problems we face today.


Many of these paintings were created at other times, to soothe the pain of loss, anger, and confusion that often appears in my life.