Fernando Garcia and his architectural firm, Gabinete de Conceptos Practicos Imagen, of Cochabamba Bolvia, designed the exhibit.


"Lightbox Mágico: mi collaboration artistica con la computadora" (refered to as Magic LightBox Show) was a one person exhibit at Centro Patiño, in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in February 2009. It was particularly meaningful to me because I was showing the work in the country that inspired me.

Behind the entrance to the right was an installation inside a square in the wall containg a black box in sand. My journey with the computer was inspired by the Magic Lightbox Dream:


I was a ten year old boy playing on the beach. Sticking out of the sand was a black box. I knew it was a magic box. When I opened it, day turned to night. A light burst out unlke any I had ever seen; they were flying pixels. The next morning I decided to buy the Magic Lightbox, the Apple II computer.